Indcution Forging Machine I Series

Induction Forging

I-Series Forge Master (IGBT Type)

Power Size Billet Size Model Type
50KW-250KW 7-24mm 30KHz IGBT Type
50KW-350KW 20-40mm 10KHz IGBT Type
50KW-350KW 40-65mm 3KHz IGBT Type

Dimensions of Induction Billet Heater : 2.5m X 1m X 1.4 m.

Weight Of Machine- 1.55 ton.


Bronze pump to DWRS system and plate type heat exchanger & pressure & Temperature gauge to I/P & O/P.


Allen Bradly PLC & HMI System.

Safety Features

Door Interlock, Pressure switch in water System, Temperature switch, Return Line temperature switch & Flow switch incritical switch

Optional System

a. Job Feeder
  • Pusher Type
  • Conveyor Type
  • Semi Automatic billet feeder
  • Fully Automatic billet feeder
b. Accept-Reject system.
c. InfraRed Laser Pyrometer
  • Single Colour
  • Double colour
d. Energy Monitoring System
e. Fast Extractor


Billet Heater, End Bar Heater & Long Bar Heater.