Indcution Forging T Series

Induction Forging

T-Series Forge Master

Power Size Billet Size Model Type
100KW-1000KW 40-65 6KHz IGBT & Thyristor
100KW-1000KW 50-70 3KHz IGBT & Thyristor
100KW-1500KW 60-120 1KHz IGBT & Thyristor
100KW-2000KW 120-200 0.5KHz IGBT & Thyristor

Job Size Round/ RCS : 36mm to 100 mm

Dimensions : L X B X H - 2.8m X 1.5m X 1.7m

Weight (Ton)- 2.5 Ton Max.

De Mineralized Water System

Plate type (Alfa level) Heat Exchanger with water pump (S.S. Body) & necessary pressure and temperature gauges along with valves.


Normally Allen Bradly PLC or Siemens/Mitsubishi PLC with color HMI

Safety Features

Door Interlocks, Pressure Switches in both water circuit (D.M and cooling tower), Temp switches, Temperature Gauges, Emergency OFF, Flow switches in all critical water paths.

Optional / Accessories

Energy monitoring systems, infrared non contact pyrometer, Accept/Reject mechanism, Horizontal end bar heating mechanics, Pick & Place Robotics.


Billet Heater , End bar Heater & Long T- Heater.